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Writer's Home: New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Episode: The Fix
Favorite Character: Hutch
First or Second Generation Fan: I was around for the original run of the series. Granted I was 11 when the show premiered and I had to beg my baby-sitter to let me watch it, but hell, I was drawn to it then the same way I am today. Though h/c was not in my vernacular at the time, that was what captivated me then as now.
First Story Written: I wrote my first S&H story when I discovered S&H on the net in 1998. (I had just purchased my first computer.) It was called "A Matter of Trust" and I wrote it as I faced the rigors of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Story You're Most Proud Of: I am most proud of a story of mine called "Street Talk." It started as a writing exercise to integrate 1970s slang into a story in such a way as to be realistic but not jarring. From that premise, a story emerged.

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