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Writer's Home: Upstate New York, USA
Favorite Episode: --
Favorite Character: Hutch
First or Second Generation Fan: Well, this is where I get weird. I watched it as a first generation-er (my brother was a HUGE fan) but didn't really get 'into' S&H until not sure what to classify myself as!
First Story Written: 'Memory's Ashes' posted at shgfic. I hope to unearth when time permits and maybe redo a bit.
Story You're Most Proud Of: I'm really an insecure writer, I admit it. I grew up thinking that to be proud of my writings meant a bit of boasting and so I shied away from it, but of course I'm finally realizing differently, that it's OKAY to be proud of the efforts you do. As such, the S&H fic that I've done that earns that distinction for me now is 'Long Way Home.'