by: Karen B.

I really was becoming quite the expert, going round and round in circles, talking to no one at all.

What the hell was I talking about?

As long as I lived I'd never forgive myself.

"What if?"

Suddenly I felt a strange sensation. It began as a light flutter in my gut, then quickly turned into a hard -cored punch.

Feeling a growing warmth, I whirled around.

Were my eyes deceiving me? Had I caught a glimpse of blue -- it was so subtle.


I stumbled over my tongue, studying my partner. Did I dare believe?

There it was again. Another flash of blue -- then nothing.


Did I dare count on finding such a rare thing, in such a common place world?

Could I believe in miracles?

I waited.

I wasn't imagining it.

"Y-you're awake. He's-he's awake."

I heard music. I wanted to fly, wanted to dance. I grabbed hold of the nurse. I was stripped of my fear, and hopelessness. In that fleeting second it all slipped away. My mind emptied, and my heart opened.

The nurse left.

I bent down close to him, watching -- silently fascinated.

"Welcome home, buddy."

Starsky smiled, filling my dark shadows with light.

The End

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