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by: dnjlwilson

He's sleeping. His soft, deep, even breathing tells me he is content, peaceful.

I love to watch him sleep. I love to run my fingers through his dark curls and hear him sigh at my touch. I love his strong, lean, muscular body, and how he feels in my arms.

I love it when, even though he's still asleep, he gently pulls me closer to him and holds me tighter. I love to stretch out my body and lay as close as I can, relishing the nearness of him. I can't ever get close enough.

I can't ever get enough of him. He's such an incredible, tender, thoughtful lover, so selfless, and never holds anything back. A giver, not a taker.

I love how he can tell me how much he loves me, needs me, without saying a word. His touch, his kiss, and that look! My God, does he know what he does to me? And in the throes of our passion, he whispers my name, telling me it is me he's thinking of.

I love it when I wake up to intense blue eyes and a sleepy smile. I know he's been watching me sleep. I love it when he touches my face as he tenderly kisses me and whispers in that sleepy, sexy timbre, "Mornin'."

God, I love him. I never thought I could love someone so much, so completely. I'm amazed at how quickly he stole my heart. I feel so priviledged to be one of the two people who are closest to him, who knows him better than anyone else.

I don't mind sharing. If that's what I have to do to be this close to him, it's a very small price to pay for so much in return. I know from experience that his heart is big enough for both of us.

I can only hope I can make him as happy as he makes me. He makes me whole. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

The End

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