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The purpose of the Bay City Library is to provide links to all gen S&H fanfic that is available via the internet. Although the BCL will take in 'orphan' writers, its function is not as an archive for fanfiction. There are several wonderful sites out there that will house fiction if asked. Check the links page for a list of fanfic sites. We are currently seeking permission from writers and website owners to link to the stories that are available online. If you would like your name included in the BCL index, please send an email to wolfpup.

The Bay City Library concept was conceived by Teej and Dee and was patterned off the Cascade Library in the TS fandom.
This page created (with much, much assistance from Paula) and maintained by wolfpup. If you experience any problems send email to: wolfpup@kc.rr.com

The characters of Starsky & Hutch and all other aspects of the show are copyrighted. This site is not intended as an infringement upon that copyright. No money or profit is being made. This site is simply a tribute to those characters and their creators.


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