Alternate Universes, Crossovers

(A story that deviates from canon or takes place in a different time or place.)

Episode 'What Ifs' --

Byline Alternate Universe Series --

The Distaff Universe --

Rejected --

The Silent Knight Universe --

Stand Alones --

Taming The Wild West --


Twisted Reality

Up Against A Wall

(A story that includes characters or major concepts from another television series, movie, or book.)

Beauty And The Beast --

The Dukes Of Hazzard --

Emergency! --

Here Come The Brides --

Law And Order --

Magnum, P.I. --

Magnificent 7: ATF --

Miami Vice --

The Monkees --

Nash Bridges --

The Professionals --

Quantum Leap --

The Sentinel --

Six Million Dollar Man --

South Park --

Star Trek --

Stargate SG:1 --

Supernatural --

Twilight Zone --