Drama Story: The One Left Behind by Sue David & Valerie Wells Resonance by SunnyD Borders by Ellis Murdock
Mystery Story: Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells Borrowed Time by Skyler Blue Ivory Woman by Terrijo
Tearjerker Story: Never Been To Maine by Lola Heart Sight by Brit St. Cloud by Lola
Adventure Story: The Sacrifice by Brit Red Rose Ranch by Paula Wilshe & Keri T. Twisted by Andy
Action Story: Safe In My Home by Sue David & Valerie Wells Cause Unknown by Sue David & Valerie Wells Desperate Measures by Tibbie B.
Memento by Pepper
Horror Story: Down A Dark Hall by Striped Tomato Trick Or Treat by Momo & TLR Possession By The Vampire by Diane Stock
Humor Story: If You Can't Beat 'Em by Londonmaid C.Y.A. 101 by Ellis Murdock & Nightbird Please Help, My Wife Writes Fanfic! by The Blintz
Hutch Angst Story: Sliding Toward Zero by Rivanna Michaels Made Of Glass by Sue David Blackmail by Kathy K.
Starsky Angst Story: The One Left Behind by Sue David Resonance by SunyD Twisted by Andy
Hutch Comfort Story: Plaguing Perspectives by Paula Wilshe Invictus by Katherine Atkins Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells
Starsky Comfort Story: Tarnished Miracles by SunnyD Memory by Striped Tomato Borders by Ellis Murdock
Short Story: Angela's Prayer by Andy Capella by Ellis Murdock Tag-Along by Lola
Long Story: Vengeance Is Mine by Striped Tomato The One Left Behind by Sue David & Valerie Wells Crisscross by M.H.E. Priest
Series: Threads by Sue David & Valerie Wells Me And Thee Series by Jacqueline Coming Around Series by Paula Wilshe
Missing Scene: Bloodbath: Missing Scene by Valerie Wells Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline Scar Tissue by Keri T.
Ripples by Skyler Blue
Crossover Story: Partners by Beth H. Never Letting Go by Cynthia A Personal Emergency by E51writer
Alternate Universe Story: The Meet by M.H.E. Priest & Queena Foster They Come In My Dreams by Jerrye Home Through The Night by Brit
'It Should Have Been Filmed' Story: Night Of The Smoking Gun by Sue David & Valerie Wells Resonance by SunnyD Tag-Along by Lola
'I Can See It In My Head' Story: The Goliath by Suzan Symbiosis by Sue David Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline
Manny by Lola
Canon Good Guy Portrayal: "Bernie" in Bernie's Problem by Katherine Atkins
"Huggy" in Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells
"Starsky" in Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline "Huggy" in Chance Meetings by Linda B.
Canon Bad Guy Portrayal: "Gunther" in Threads by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Monk" in Things That Matter by Michelle "Diane Harmon" in Charmingly Fatal by Karen B.
Original Villian: "Eddie" in The Sacrifice by Brit "Vic Monte" in Crisscross by M.H.E. Priest "Heroin (personified)" in Faded Glory by Karen B.
Original Male Character: "Darryl Washington" in Bad Moon Rising by Dawnwind "Trevor Kelly" in Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Abe Soloman" in Secrets II: The Legacy by Momo & TLR
Original Female Character: "Tressa" in Borders by Ellis Murdock "Julianna" in Alliance Of Three by Leather "Hannah" in Love Child by Tooki
Angst Writer: Sue David Andy Paula Wilshe
Humor Writer: Londonmaid The Blintz Missy
Action Writer: M.H.E. Priest Sue David Rivanna Michaels
Drama Writer: Valerie Wells M.H.E. Priest Paula Wilshe
Mystery Writer: Ellis Murdock Valerie Wells Striped Tomato
Adventure Writer: Sue David Karen B. Brit
Tearjerker Writer: Brit Lola Rivanna Michaels
Comfort Writer: Paula Wilshe Brit Sue David
Crossover Writer: Valerie Wells Beth H. Cynthia
Overall Writer: Paula Wilshe Karen B. Ellis Murdock
New Fanfic Writer: Ellis Murdock Skyler Blue Amye
Author Partnership: Sue David & Valerie Wells Ellis Murdock & Nightbird Paula Wilshe & Keri T.
Beta Reader: Ellis Murdock Sue David Donna Engle
Poem: Shields Of Gold by Brit Our Legacy by Jerrye
Withstanding The Weather by Rivanna Michaels
Like The Sea And The Sky by Jerrye
Sweet Revenge by Sonja H van Schalm
Poetry Writer: Brit Sonja H van Schalm Jerrye
Fanfic Website: Bay City Library Writer's Block Starsky & Hutch Gen Archive

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The Gen Fanfic Awards are being presented in honor of the hard work and dedication that the S&H Fan Fic writers put into creating the stories and presenting them to the lists for all the readers to read and enjoy.

As a writer myself, and a new one at that, (I've been on the lists less then a year) I know what it is like to put your heart and soul into writng about the guys we love! No critiquing is involved or allowed on these awards. What is being presented is a selection of all the readers favourite stories, their favourite authors, and even their favourite 'scenes'.