Drama Story: Immersion by M.H.E. Priest Time In A Glass by SunnyD Tornado by Andy
Mystery Story: Safe In My Home by Sue David & Valerie Wells Minotaur by Otterlady Touchstone by Rivanna Michaels
Tearjerker Story: The Sacrifice by Brit The Whisper In My Ear... by Rivanna Michaels Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad by MAX
Adventure Story: Catalina Express by Paula Wilshe Over the Edge by Linda B. Guardian III by TibbieB
Action Story: The Sacrifice by Brit 1976: Shadows & Ghosts by Jetwriter Red Rose Ranch by Paula Wilshe & Keri T.
Horror Story: The House by Lin P.
Immersion by M.H.E. Priest
They Come In My Dreams by Jerrye The Gate by Striped Tomato
Humor Story: Uncontrollable by Sue David & Valerie Wells A Day At The Market by The Blintz
The Interrogation by Katherine Atkins
All Hallow's Eve by Paula Wilshe
Hutch Angst Story: Heart Sight by Brit To Touch You by Rivanna Michaels
Thanksgiving by Paula Wilshe
The Sacrifice by Brit
Starsky Angst Story: Made Of Glass by Sue David Pitch Black by Momo The Wall by M.H.E. Priest
Hutch Comfort Story: Judgment Day by Linda C. & Kathy K. Junkie by Londonmaid Rainy Day Sunday by Venice Place
Starsky Comfort Story: Heart Sight by Brit Hold Out by SunnyD Blind Trust by MinnieK
Short Story: Testing by Paula Wilshe
The Heaviest Weight by Mer
The Odyssey by Brit Payday by M.H.E. Priest
Long Story: The Goliath by Susan L. Immersion by M.H.E. Priest The Sacrifice by Brit
Series: Secrets I & II by Momo & TLR Guardian Series by TibbieB Bicentennial Summer Series by M.H.E. Priest
Missing Scene: Time In A Glass by SunnyD Merely Players by Paula Wilshe The Game: After Effects by Katherine Atkins
Crossover Story: Trial By Fire by Valerie Wells Nightmares, Friendship & Peace by E51Writer Angel Touch by TLR
Alternate Universe Story: Wanted: Dead or Alive by Rivanna Michaels The Cosmic Bargin by Anna M. Live Bait by Skyler Blue
'It Should Have Been Filmed' Story: The Sacrifice by Brit Faith Healer by Sue David & Valerie Wells Immersion by M.H.E. Priest
'I Can See It In My Head' Story: 1975: The Rain by Jetwriter
Time by Tam K.
Made of Glass by Sue David A Starsky & Hutch Reunion by Teri Colosimo
Broken Glass by Lola
Canon Good Guy Portrayal: "Starsky & Hutch" in History in a Sweater by Rivanna Michaels "Dobey" in Final Flight by Otterlady "Hutch" in Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned by Catlen
Canon Bad Guy Portrayal: "Simon" in Immersion by M.H.E. Priest "George Prudholm" in Justice by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Diane Harmon" in Unbalanced Love by Mary Kleinsmith
"Gil Lee" in 1976: Shadows & Ghosts by Jetwriter
Original Villian: "Brother Haley" in Faith Healer by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Monty Lerou" in Pitch Black by Momo "Frank Grieves" by 1975: The Rain by Jetwriter
"Martin Holden" in Code 33 Trilogy by Sue David & Valerie Wells
Original Male Character: "Sam" in the Guardian Series by TibbieB "Richard Hutchinson" in The Bond of the Prodigal Son by Brit "Frank" in Letters by Pinto & Colleen S.
Original Female Character: "Trini Starsky" in A Starsky & Hutch Reunion by Teri Colosimo "Alison Hall" in I'll Take Any Chance by Pinto "Mandalyn Fantiago" in Starsky & Hutch Chronicles by Nikki
"Jesse Hutchinson" in the Susan Series by Tooki
Angst Writer: Brit SunnyD Momo
Humor Writer: Paula Wilshe Rivanna Michaels The Blintz
Action Writer: M.H.E. Priest Sue David Jetwriter
Drama Writer: M.H.E. Priest Brit Sue David
Mystery Writer: Valerie Wells Striped Tomato Keri T.
Adventure Writer: Paula Wilshe Rivanna Michaels TibbieB
Tearjerker Writer: Brit Rivanna Michaels TLR
Comfort Writer: Paula Wilshe Katherine Atkins Londonmaid
Crossover Writer: Valerie Wells Charmi Schroeder Beth H.
Overall Writer: TLR M.H.E. Priest
Rivanna Michaels
Paula Wilshe
Sue David
New Fanfic Writer: Sue David Rivanna Michaels
Venice Place
Author Partnership: Sue David & Valerie Wells Paula Wilshe & Keri T. Momo & TLR
Beta Reader: Karen-Leigh M.H.E. Priest
Barb D.
Donna Engle
Poem: ...And I Will Call You Friend by Brit I, Once by Brit Starsky's Thoughts by Sonja H van Schalm
Poetry Writer: Brit Sonja H van Schalm Anne S.
Fanfic Website: Bay City Library Love of Me And Thee Starsky & Hutch Gen Archive

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The Gen Fanfic Awards are being presented in honor of the hard work and dedication that the S&H Fan Fic writers put into creating the stories and presenting them to the lists for all the readers to read and enjoy.

As a writer myself, and a new one at that, (I've been on the lists less then a year) I know what it is like to put your heart and soul into writing about the guys we love! No critiquing is involved or allowed on these awards. What is being presented is a selection of all the readers favourite stories, their favourite authors, and even their favourite 'scenes'.

Attempts were made to reach nominees and website owners, unfortunately not everyone could be reached. If you would like your story removed from the nominations, please let us know and it will be taken care of ASAP. theteej2@looksmart.com