Drama Story: Vengeance is Mine by Striped Tomato #1 Minotaur by Otterlady It's Always Darkest by V. Wells
Mystery Story: Exit Sage Left by Hutchrules3 The Hunt by Minnie K. Ivory Wman by Terrijo
Tearjerker Story: Heart of a Hero by Valerie Wells
To Honor and Cherish by TLR
Times & Seasons by TLR Christmas Past, Present & Future by TLR
Adventure Story: Guardian by TibbieB The Healing Season by Terrijo Reunion by Otterlady
Action Story: The Devil's Day Off by Minnie K The Flood by Toshua Ambush by Julie H.
Horror Story: Down a Dark Hall by Striped Tomato #1 The Grim Reaper by Lark A Darkness Falls by Otterlady
Humor Story: Man Of Steel by Hutchshoney Domestically Challenged by Momo Killer Dust Bunnies by Londonmaid
Hutch Angst Story: Thousandth Man by Susan This I Will Remember by Brit For One Brief Moment by Pat L.
With A Little Help From My Friends by Dee
Swamp by Mickette
Starsky Angst Story: Judgement Day by Kathy K. and Linda C. With A Little Help From My Friends by Dee
The Words That I Can't Say by Brit
Fever by Otterlady
Hutch Comfort Story: Sick Days by Pat C.
Claustrophobia by Valerie Wells
Bash by TLR N/A
Starsky Comfort Story: Judgement Day by Kathy K. and Linda C. Playback by TLR
Catastrophic Thoughts by Lin P. And Linda H.
Short Story: Snow Day by Otterlady
Morning in the ER by Londonmaid
Coming Around Again by Paula Wilshe
Battlesca rs by Brit
The Experiment by S.White
The Parade by Brit
Long Story: The Thousandth Man by Susan Times and Seasons by TLR
Firsts by Jackie Hall
Reunion by Otterlady
Rite of Passage by Striped Tomato #1
Series: Visions Of A Friendship by Otterlady Firsts by Jackie Hall Smokey series by S. White
The Ali Series by Terrijo
Missing Scene: Surviving Survival by Soho Betrayal by TibbieB The Psychic: Afterthoughts by Katherine Atkins
Promises Kept by SunnyD
Crossover Story: Partners by Beth H A Little Peace And Quiet by Dee
Blood Brothers by Mary Kliensmith
Alternate Universe Story: Death Camp by TLR Silent Knight by Enola Jones N/A
'It Should Have Been Filmed' Story: The Phoenix & The Dragon by Maria Priest Morning In The ER by Londonmaid In a New York Minute by Hutchrules3
Charmed by Pebbles
Another Fine Mess by Julie Henderson
In The Beginning by Londonmaid
'I Can See It In My Head' Story: In The Evening by Lin P Little Boy Found by Hutchrules3 N/A
Canon Good Guy Portrayal: 'Starsky' and 'Hutch' in CODA by Teri 'Joe Collandra' in Second Sight (aka Collanda) by TLR 'Starsky' and 'Hutch' in Silent Tears by Pebbles
'Captain Dobey' in Cap by TLR
Canon Bad Guy Portrayal: 'George Prudohlm' in Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone by Julie H. N/A N/A
Original Villian: 'Alfred Brassard' in The Grim Reaper by Lark 'Prof. Cleve Harlan' in Ivory Woman by Terrijo N/A
Original Female Character: 'Ali Hutchinson' in Ali Series by Terrijo 'Cassie' in Cassie Series by Pebbles
'Smokey' in Smokey Series by S. White
'Susan Carlston' in The Susan series by Tooki
Original Male Character: 'Zach Dahlman' in Reunion by Otterlady 'Mr. Hutchinson' in Perfect by Momo
'Danny Monohan' in Decisions by Momo
'Jon Casey' in Procrastinated Vengeance by Mickette
Angst Writer: TLR Otterlady
Kathy K
Linda C.
Humor Writer: Londonmaid Pebbles Soho
Action Writer: N/A N/A N/A
Drama Writer: Otterlady TLR Striped Tomato #1
Mystery Writer: V. Wells Terrijo Otterlady
Adventure Writer: Dee Jordon
Terrijo Mickette
Tearjerker Writer: TLR Kathy K. & Linda C. Stephanie White
Comfort Writer: Kathy K. and Linda C. Otterlady N/A
Crossover Writer: Beth H. Dee N/A
Overall Writer: TLR Otterlady Brit
Linda C.
New Fanfic Writer: Brit Hutchrules3 Paula Wilshe
Author Partnership: Lin P and Linda H TLR and Momo Kathy K and Julie F.
Beta Reader: Donna Engle Dee Jordon Gayle Smith
Poem: Junk Food by Julie H
Only Courage Remains by Brit
There Are Days by Otterlady I Thought My Heart Would Burst by Brit
Poetry Writer: Brit Sonja Van Schalm Paloma
Fanfic Website: Starsky and Hutch Fan Fiction; Lark's site Starsky and Hutch Writers Resources; Blue's site RobertWelauch@ webtv.net; Robert's site
Tooki's Starsky and Hutch Fic; Tooki's site

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The Gen Fanfic Awards are being presented in honor of the hard work and dedication that the S&H Fan Fic writers put into creating the stories and presenting them to the lists for all the readers to read and enjoy.

As a writer myself, and a new one at that, (I've been on the lists less then a year) I know what it is like to put your heart and soul into writng about the guys we love! No critiquing is involved or allowed on these awards. What is being presented is a selection of all the readers favourite stories, their favourite authors, and even their favourite 'scenes'.

Attempts were made to reach nominees and website owners, unfortunately not everyone could be reached. If you would like your story removed from the nominations, please let us know and it will be taken care of ASAP. theteej2@looksmart.com